Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Valerie's Story

I received an email from Valerie Dewhurst this morning. Valerie was one of my cohort of graduands at this years ceremony in October.

She took the time to write down her story and wondered if anyone else in the community would be interested in reading it. It was a real pleasure to read in her own words how she felt about what she had achieved and the struggles she went through to gain her degree. I could feel her sense of pride as I read what she had written. "Many times along the way I almost gave up through different pressures" says Valerie but "since graduating I have never looked back and have gone from strength to strength." As she say's her story "has a happy ending..." She can scarcely believe how fast the time has gone and "...just what I have achieved in such a short time."

Despite her initial reticence Valerie bit-the-bullet and decided to share her story with us all. You can find it in it's entirety posted up on the friends@hope community site for all to read. Use the link in the title of this post to login to friends. . .

Valerie is now hard at work on Part Two of her saga, and I for one am eagerly awaiting the outcome of her labours. . .


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