Monday, October 30, 2006

Exclusive Membership

(from L-R) Karen,Jenny,Ray,Clare & Julie: The Project Dream Team!
Well, graduation is over for this year. I am now an official member of the university community; a Liverpool Hope Alumnus.

I wonder if anyone listened carefully to what was said at the Graduation ceremony about the degrees we were awarded and what these awards actually mean, or are at least intended to mean?

"...In the name of the Senate, I present to you for admission to the degree of...(title of degree)... in this University... (name of the candidate)"

Graduation was not a "goodbye", it was a welcome; A welcome into membership of the University as one of its alumni.

Being honest, it does surprise me that the University does not already have a thriving alumni community, an extension of itself into the wider community, the wider world. But lets remember we are a new University, born in fact only one year ago. There is no time like the present to fix this problem; To create a community that will last and benefit us all for as long as the University itself exists.


At 21:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so damn proud of you.

Ha ha... you wearing a silly hat... hee hee.

No seriously, I am proud of you. I'm sorry I couldn't be there, but I'll buy you a beer when I get there to make up for it.

At 13:56, Blogger Ray Mutch said...

What do you mean 'A' beer!

At 16:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One beer, that's what I mean. Between four of us. And I'm only going halves. I'm poor.


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