Friday, December 08, 2006

We're on the Map! (Well Nearly)

Hello folks.

Long time no speak.

Well it's official we are on the map, well nearly. 'Nearly' because the sign isn't quite ready yet... it's in the making so to speak. Don't tell anyone but here's a sneak preview:

It's nice to know that next time you are on campus you will easily be able to find out where those wonderful folk's of the Development Team reside... Just look out for our snazzy new signpost. Now don't you go disturbing us though, as we are far to busy people to have time to give audiences to all and sundry...! (only joking)

Anyhow onto a different subject altogether. I've been keeping an eye on the discussion forum (Hope Forum) and I must relunctantly admit that the take-up has to be honest been pretty poor. I was thinking it may be a good idea to change to a different service provider, as the existing Topica-hosted service seems a little too awkward to get your head around, even for a smart alec like me. I've been checking out the alternatives to see what's available out there and so far have come up with a couple that look promising.

If any of you out there have any ideas or information on any good sites/hosters of discussion boards I'd be pleased to know about them. Just drop me a line at

All the best until next week...



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