Monday, September 17, 2007

Volunteer Open Day at Sahir House

Increase in HIV requires increase in volunteers

As recently stated by the Northwest HIV/Aids Monitoring Unit in 2006 the Northwest has seen 4,761 cases of HIV and there are more new HIV cases infected through heterosexual sex than any other route of infection.

Sahir House, Merseyside’s HIV Charity, membership is also increasing and so is the need for volunteers.

Sahir House are recruiting volunteers to assist with supporting the HIV community and fundraising. Sahir House welcomes people from all sections of the community and especially welcome people from the Gay community, the Black community. People whose daytime availability is good and/or car owners are particularly welcome.

Free training, support and travel expenses given.

Open Day Saturday 29th September, volunteer training commences mid October.

For more information contact Sahir House on 0151 708 9080 or use the link in the title to find out more


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