Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cornerstone: Access to WorkShops

Access to High-Quality Workshop Space at the Cornerstone, Everton

We are opening up our facilities (workshops for metal, wood, textiles and ceramics) on Saturday afternoons and, if there is sufficient demand, plan to extend this across the rest of the week. The sessions currently run from 12noon - 4pm on Saturday afternoons at the extremely low cost of £15.
Induction sessions for new users of the space will take place on Saturday mornings from 10am-12noon at a cost of an additional £10.

If clients are interested in using the workshops for longer periods of time or at other times they should contact us (see details below).

The use of the space by clients would be involve:

  • The prospective client letting us know a little more about their proposed project/work using a project proposal form (see contact details below from where the form can be obtained)
  • The client would generally use their own materials (unless they negotiate provision of materials with us in advance of the sessions)
  • If we are happy with the prospective client's proposed use of the space, the client would book into an induction session (around 2 hours) for which they will pay £10 and which will satisfy us that they are capable of safely using equipment
  • The client will bring to each of the sessions payment in the form of a cheque made payable to Liverpool Hope University
Prospective users of the space should contact Neil Campbell on 07736 082978 to arrange a visit and clarify any details or you can e-mail Niel at:

Also please refer to our facilities web site:

Best Wishes

Neil Campbell, Senior Deanery Administrator, Deanery of Arts and Humanities (Cornerstone), Liverpool Hope University, Haigh Street, Liverpool L3 8QB Tel: 0151 291 3419 Fax: 0151 291 3191


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