Thursday, September 13, 2007

Long Time No See

Do not be distressed. There is still a Graduate Association behind this page, beavering away at growing a vibrant community. This time of year our time and effort is devoted, not to you the alumni (and it's not of course because we don't care for you) but to our incoming student freshers, our future alumni you might say, who will as sure as rivers flow to the sea, become one with you one day ("poor things" I hear you say!)

While I'm on the subject of freshers, I sent out a Alumni Bulletin a short while ago asking if anyone would be interested in acting as a mentor to a current student(s); Work Shadowing is a way you can give back of your expertise and of your experience to the students of today, the workers of tomorrow. The cost to you is nothing more than your time. Besides it can be educational not only for the student but also for yourselves. I myself realised quite some time ago that there is no better way to find out how well you know what you are doing than in trying to teach what you do to someone else; I remember during a school placement a couple of years back, a History class it was, I learnt more about Oliver Cromwell in that single hour than I had learned in my entire life!

Give it a go. You won't regret it. Trust me. You know (or should know by now) how to contact us.

For all our new alumni from this year's graduate leavers, the Yearbook (our first) is taking longer than we thought to complete. I know it's worth waiting for but I suppose that excuse must be wearing a little thin by now. I really am sorry. It won't be long now. Honest! ...And next year's will be far quicker (oops, sorry!). Okay, if you want to have a real good moan about this then give me a ring and I will nurse you through it.

Bye for now



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