Saturday, June 16, 2007

March of the Abolitionists

The March

of the Abolitionists

remembering the bicentenary of the abolition of the Slave Trade in the UK


The March of the Abolitionists arrives in Liverpool on the 23rd June 2007

marking 200 years since the abolition of the slave trade.

The lifeline expedition

Eric Lynch, a Liverpool born descendent of slaves has been kind enough to both plan the route around areas of slavery significance in Liverpool and lead it.

Sup.Rowley Moore is covering the Police escort and we shall have three stops, one outside each cathedraland one at the Town Hall where we shall be greeted by Cllrs, including the leader of the City Council Warren Bradley. A number of dignitaries and politicians are flying into Liverpool to participate in the march from former slave ‘triangle’ countries.

The March will lead into the 'Reconciliation and then?' Conference on
29th June @ 7:30 pm at the Great Hall, Hope in Everton, Shaw street. Eric will be opening the conference by inviting the community to enter discussion on the areas detailed.

Warren Bradley has confirmed his attendance as City Council leader. The speakers will discuss History, what is happening now...and a view for the future. Eric has been asked to field the first question which will really set the scene for the debate. Prof Pillay Vice Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University will chair the debate.


If you are interested in greeting the marchers outside the Cathedrals
along Hope Street please contact: John Patterson on

If you would like to attend the 29th conference after reading its aims, or would like to ask a question of the named panel please contact:

John Patterson on

or by calling: 0793 136 6888



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Wish I could be there.


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