Sunday, June 03, 2007

We've already booked our's

Just posted up a new link in the 'Interesting Links' section. Hostel World. I placed a news item in the community a while back, telling everyone how good the offer was. We don't have any formal deals or discounts with them as such (who knows for the future perhaps!?), I just thought the deals were brilliant for all you strapped for cash individuals out there that still like to travel the world.

In short it works a little like ebay: People book and stay over at these places at the various hostels and hotels and then they feedback commentary via the website about what they thought of the place, the cost, the service, the staff etc etc. That way new prospective customers get a fairly good insight into the accommodation before they book their holidays.

Anyway I thought it was brilliant. We're already booked and are off to Luxor, Egypt at the end of July. I'll let you know how brilliant it was when I get back. . .



At 14:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ray (and all)
Just thought I would add my twopencworth to this. Have used Hostelworld for a few years now. In fact so long I don't use Hostels so much any more. Anyway, when I was an undergrad at Hope I organised an end of term 'post exam stress buster' weekend in Dublin for some of us 'mature' students. I chose the hostel after perusing Hostelworld and we all had a fantastic few days, dead in the centre of everything. We still meet up a few times a year (we've been 'together' for 8/10 years now)and that weekend and that hostel still get mentioned and we all still have a good laugh about it. I hasten to add there was nothing wrong with the hostel itself but things that happened whilst we were there. That was in 2000 and we paid less than £52 each for the whole thing including the ferry and 2 nights accommodation with breakfast and it was June!. Bargain!
Susan Daniels

At 11:20, Blogger Ray Mutch said...

Hi Susan
My girlfriend's been looking a the detail on the hostel we are to be staying at in Luxor, end of July. She says it has everything and looks really nice. £250 for two weeks for two people (not incl. the flights of course) How about that then! I can't wait!

Thanks for the support. I hope others pick up on the idea and get themselves travelling..!

All the best



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