Friday, May 04, 2007


Reading back through that previous article. I can just hear the cynics shouting it down.

I remember once going for a job interview. It was for a promotion if I remember correctly within the company I was already working for. As a result I was a lot more relaxed about the whole thing... My life, my home, food for the children's belly's, and the dreaded bills didn't depend upon my success. It meant I was able to say what i really thought about this whole 'doing a job of work' thing.

In that case it was project management. I was asked what I would do if there was a huge crisis, how would I deal with the situation, how would I resolve the problem... well something like that anyway. I remember saying that there was no such thing as a real big problem that hadn't come about because of a lack of far far smaller actions dealing with far far smaller issues. That life didn't just happen in large 'chunks' so to speak, that it happens in tiny things, tiny shifts of emphasis, tiny actions and reactions. Consider that huge chunk of ice that falls away from the Arctic Ice shelf and wonder about all those tiny decaying ice crystals: At exactly which point does the ice straw break the ice camels back?

Anyway back to reality for the finale: That's how I see my 'job' (if you must call it that!)... "small moves Ellie, small moves"



At 06:30, Blogger Shem said...

True words... too many times people treat challenges in the same way, seeing a mountain to climb instead of seeing precipice by precipice, mile by mile, tread by tread.

And you're right, people do make a hell of a difference, even in ones and twos. As I remember your confrontation with the Union at your old work, where a memo was released by 'the company' and you reminded them that with it's constituent parts, the employees, there was no company.


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