Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little Quiet Around Here..?

Hello folks
Quiet around here? Well actually anything but!
There are things going on in the background that probably aren't immediately apparant to the membership, unless of course you have been keeping a lookout on the website, especially the Alumni News Section, where we try to keep you all up to date with the latest news from in and around the campus.
Two specific pieces of news you may like to know about are:
The replacement Alumni e-Mail service. This has unfortunately had to be put on hold, at least for a little while, while we explore the matter that is the subject of the second piece of news I need to tell you about today i.e.
The possibility of replacing the existing Graduate Association Community site. We have for a while now been seriously looking at alternatives to the existing friends@hope community site. We can't say too much about where we are at with our thinking at present, as there are some commercial issues involved that we must at least for the time being keep under wraps. However, as soon as we can we will pass further information to you as to our future plans. mSuffice it to say that whatever we decide to do, especially if we decide to make a change, then improving things for you the membership will be foremost in our minds.
So to sum up , the new e-mail system is very much tied into the community site and we can't progress one without knowing how things will develop with the other.
Watch this space (or the website CLICK HERE to take a look) and we'll bring you further news as soon as we can.