Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reunion - The Time is Nigh!

Hi Again Folks
Well we did it, at last. . .

The Reunion 2007 information, the schedule, booking form etc. are now posted up on the Alumni website.

As you know we mailed out the details a few weeks back to our current address list. We know the list is far from perfect and we have gotten back a fair few mailings already where the person no longer lives at the said address. Nevertheless it's all useful information and it enables us to narrow down the list even more and reduce the errors as regards people's contact details. It's more or less the same with e-mail, hundreds bounce-back after a mailing, but again it helps us correct errors in the list.

Problem is of course that the land-mail costs our 'hard to come by' pound's and pence, so sending out to no longer valid addresses is a very un-cost-effective exercise for us.

Just a special favour to ask of you all then: If you are a member of the on-line community site (i.e. friends@hope) don't forget to keep those contact details up to date. If you aren't yet a member and are still reading this then sign up now (or else!) and get those details up to scratch!

All the best folks

Ray - Your friendly (as if) Alumni Information Officer

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bet you thought we'd died and gone to heaven?

. . . Well, we haven't. Don't think they would have me anyway.

It's been a while since I posted (understatement of the year so far). Honest, it really has been busy; Plus I kept making excuses, always something more important to do etc etc.

Have a read of the new 'quote of the day'? I'm telling you those lyrics are stunningly good. What a wake up call they are.

We had a talk a few weeks back by the universities' Chancellor, Baroness Cox. I recorded the audio but so far haven't had time to work out how to post it up on the Net. Anyway, it was powerful stuff too. Had me in tears by the end. We really do not realise how good life in this country is. We really do not realise how fortunate we are. . . Listen to this (from the talk): "At least 27 million (yes that's 27,000,000) men, women and children are enslaved today, ranging from prostitutes in London to indentured workers in Burma. The statistics of modern day slavery are shocking but behind each statistic is a human being - a man, a woman or child; and behind each human being there is a family and a community that (is being) devastated or destroyed". Use the link behind the Title if you want to know more.

Nice to be back folks!