Friday, July 11, 2008

New Initiative - Podcasts

We need your help!
If you are an employer and would like to give something back to Liverpool Hope and its current students then please get in touch. We'd love to involve Alumni in our podcast series, hear about what you are doing now and listen to any advice you have for the next generation of Liverpool Hope graduates entering the competitive labour market.
From September the Career Development team will be launching its series of podcasts. These will be available for students to subscribe to and download through the academic year. The podcasts will provide Careers Advice to students as well as expose students to what employees want.
Podcasts are an innovative and exciting way to engage students. They can be downloaded and listened too from any computer or listened to on a MP3 player such as an ipod. Allowing students to access and listen to careers advice in their own time. Liverpool Hope is one of the few Universities in the UK using this technology to deliver careers information.
We've already interviewed Joe Ainsworth, Bafta winning scriptwriting for Holby City. Graduate Recruiters from companies such as Enterprise Rent a Car and Elmwood an award winning brand design agency. We'll be making these available at the start of the academic year.
We'd be happy to link in with your website if you have one or display your companies logo on our Career Development website.
If you're interested email us or call: 0151 291 3896

Yearbook 2008 Published!

Hot off of the press, the 2008 Yearbook is now available. Containing a massive 280 pages, this year's publication is packed full of the stories, hopes, dreams and future plans of the year's finalists.

The graduate most likely to become a billionaire, the most popular staff member, the best dressed student, the most interesting lecturer, all this year's award winners are revealed inside ...

Don't miss your copy
of this absolutely unique publication. The number of available copies is extremely limited, ACT NOW or you will almost certainly miss out.

There is now only one way to get a copy. Read on ...

... Visit the Yearbook Stand on the morning of Graduation (for 2008 that's Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th July). There you must pre-pay for your copy with the Yearbook Team who will then post this out to you to your home address.

Alternatively, for those not attending Graduation, you will need to email GradFinale or telephone them on 0208 767 6995 and place your order.

Once the stock of Yearbooks is gone ... they are ALL gone. you will never again be able to obtain a copy of this book!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

f@h: There are Advantages to Being a Member..?

Hello All
Sorry it's been a while since I last posted here. It's been a rushing about time, what with getting the Yearbook finalised, the Big Hope Congress, this weekends Graduate Association Reunion and the upcoming 2008 Graduations themselves. Still, excuses aside, I've come up with a far better way to post into the Blog using an e-mail link that allows me to post via email rather than having to log-in etc etc. So, this should improve the frequency of our postings... We hope!

We have some excellent news for the membership, and if this isn't proof that being a member brings with it some real-life benefit, then nothing is:

Subject to confirmation it looks like the teaching jobs in Modena, Italy, published in f@h Bulletins #37 and #41 (#41 incidentally, was a resend of #37) has resulted in at least 3 of our membership securing employment. Sandra Atkinson, herself an alumni who runs both a primary and pre-school in Modena, used the services of the Graduate Association, in partnership with Liverpool Hope's Careers Dept, to conduct interviews with prospective candidates. As a result job offers are now being made. Around a dozen candidates competed for these positions but with 3 or more available the odds of being employed were extremely high. Contrast this with the usual 100's of job applicants for a single vacancy and you can quickly see the massive difference this initiative has made to our members.


The Graduate Association publish f@h Bulletins to the main e-mailing list on a regular basis. These bulletins contain all sorts of information and opportunities for the membership, including updates on f@h Membership Benefits, job vacancies, Alumni News etc etc. The content of the f@h Bulletins is growing and changeing as we develop the Association in-line with the needs of the membership. You simply never know when something may turn up of specific interest to YOU! Want to know more about the f@h Bulletins? ... CLICK HERE

If you do not already receive the f@h Bulletins and would like too, or perhaps you have ideas about what you would wish them to contain, then feel free to email us with your details: ... CLICK HERE

Happy hunting folks!