Monday, February 11, 2008

So what are we up to?

It's been a while since I've posted here, personally. The team are as busy as we've ever been. And, there's still a few things we are holding up our sleeves for release soon; Good things we hope.

The latest Friends of Hope newsletter is due out in April. The annual Alumni Reunion happens in July and before that the Big Hope Youth Congress in early June. There are some truly great speakers to come listen to. To find out how to get involved just contact us in the usual way and we'll fill you in on the detail.

Other things such as a much improved email service for our members, a more featured web site and events calender are in the pipeline.

With the addition of Katie to the team (see 'Hello from Katie'), working alongside me on alumni information management, we're able now to look to realising some of the developments that have been languishing on the back burner for some time: Progress has been steady; We've handsomely cleaned up our mailing list so that we are not now sending out mail to lost addresses anymore but it also helps to keep our printing and postage costs down, which of course leaves us more to use for other things.

I hope you have all been getting the f@h Bulletins regularly, and that they are proving useful. It shouldn't be too long now before we are able to reintroduce the bi-monthly f@h e-newsletter, as a way of keep you up-to-date on Graduate Association and campus news.

In the meantime don't forget if you ave any articles you want us to post up for you, either here or in the printed newsletter (news, events, desperately seeking, comments etc) then just email or call us and we'll sort it out for you.

The Story of Al

Courtesy of Shem:

This is Al.

He just can't be bothered.

He created his web on a spoon, and it's not much bigger than he is. This is the sum total of his ambition for the day.

We could assume several reasons for this:

One, that he's not very smart.
Two, he is incredibly over-confident.
Or the third possibility, which is the correct one, that he has absolutely no motivation.

He just can't summon enough energy or drive to do anything more than what he's doing now. After all, he's known for some time that flies don't exactly possess the largest amount of brain cells in the insect kingdom, so why go to all the effort of producing an elaborate web that breaks if someone so much as looks at it, just to eat some struggling emaciated insect he can't even have a decent conversation with. Besides that, Al knows that the spider web is an idea that might well have been effective for a few million years, but frankly, doesn't provide much in the way of job satisfaction. As you can see, Al is hoping winged prey will accidentally wander into his trap by distracting them with an alluring sales pitch about low interest home loans.