Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My time at hope so far!

A message from Andy Mair follows. Andy is a secondary school student who is visiting us on a Work Placement. As you can read from his message the Development and Graduate Association Team are only one of the university departments that he will visit during his time here. All in all he seems to be having an extremely interesting time. We wish him 'all the best' with his future studies and hopefully sometime in the future we will meet up with him again; perhaps after he gets through with all that A-Level Chemistry, Biology and Maths ... Phew!

I've been here at Hope since Monday the 10th and am here till Wednesday the 19th. I'm 14 years old and in the 4th year or year 10 at Lymm High School. I'm here at Hope on my work experience and am having a ball! Everyone's been so kind. On Monday I started off by meeting Bishop Ian which was really nice and he was very interested in what I was here doing and what I hoped to get out of the work placement. After this I spent a short amount of time in Careers before going to see Carol in accommodation. Carol gave me a tour of the Campus and an insight into both student life and the history of this beautiful University. In the afternoon I spent some more time in Careers before leaving for home.

The next day I was to spend my time with Radio Hope and I was really nervous. I went along however and it was great! The students running the show were brilliant and very welcoming. I had a fabulous time and got multiple opportunities to go on the air. It was really interesting to find out how a radio station operated. In the afternoon they even put a challenge on called “Challenge Andy” which was really good.

Today I’ve been with the development team which as been really fun! I sat in on a very interesting meeting this morning and am now writing to you from one of their offices anyway must go now so bye!"


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