Friday, September 26, 2008

Share Space, Share Free Stuff

Thinking ahead, we've created a new space on the alumni website. Not much in there at the moment but the plan is for it to contain tasters for our final year, i.e. soon to graduate students, of what life will be like as a member of the Graduate Association.

Called "SOON TO BE...", although there isn't much to see at the moment (well, nothing in fact), this space will be populated with all sorts of useful things.

One example is this:
Giveaway of the Day

A useful facility I think you will agree?

Many of you will have seen the cover disks from Computer magazines and the like that contain all sorts of free software, fully licensed and legal, yet available to install for nothing other than the time it takes you to set it up. GiveAway of the Day follows the same principal but in this case it's absolutely free; Don't forget you have to buy the magazine before you get the disk, they aren't cheap, and most of what's in them you won't want to read anyway! I'm telling you I've downloaded some really useful stuff over the last few weeks from personal finance planning programs to pdf-to-MSword converters (useful if you want to capture information for use elsewhere). All of it so far has been very useful and for those hard up students out there it's perhaps the only way they could afford to use it.

Finally, you can (and I have) loaded the software onto my PenDrive, which means of course that I can carry it around with me and not have to worry if what I need will be on the PC I use to do my work; Just plug in the Pen drive and I've already got everything I need. If you want to know more about how to do that you'll have to drop me a line, or better still come and see us for a chat, you can find us in HCA Room 012.

So, this is just one idea for starters. If you read this and think there are other things the Graduate Association should or could be doing for its "soon to be" members, then just drop us a line and let us know. We are good listeners and even better doers!

Bye for now


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